Pediatric Chiropractic

Chiropractic care ensures that a child’s spine is properly aligned so that his or her body is functioning properly. Our goal is to provide the best quality chiropractic care to your little one(s) so they can grow up happy, healthy, and live life to the fullest! Garden State Family Chiropractic strives to help kids become their healthiest selves! Dr. Dana has received advanced training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in the care of newborns, infants, and children.

Why Would a Child See a Chiropractor?

A recent study showed that 80% of infants have some sort of spinal misalignment (subluxation) from the birth process. During the average birth, a doctor may use up to 60-90 lbs of pressure to pull the baby out by the neck. As a result, subluxations or misalignments occur and place stress onto the baby’s master control system, the nervous system. If left uncorrected, these subluxations may lead to a number of issues such as colic, difficulty with breastfeeding, constipation, ear infections, reflux, baby sleep problems, or a weakened immune system. For this reason, we encourage new parents to have their newborn’s spine checked as soon as possible after birth. As children continue to grow, the spine is exposed to many forms of trauma as they learn to walk, crawl, and play. Whether they play sports, fall off their bikes, or watch cartoons on the ipad, these activities can cause subluxations and create health challenges overtime. Chiropractic adjustments correct these subluxations and restore proper function to the body, allowing children to live each day at their maximum potential! If you would like to see how your child’s body is functioning, please contact our office to schedule a complementary consultation.

Is Chiropractic Safe for Kids?

Chiropractic is extremely safe for children and adults. Infants and children are adjusted much differently than an adult counterpart because of their small size and age. Children are adjusted using a gentle fingertip contact or by using an instrument (activator) to gently tap the vertebrae back into the correct position. There are no “popping” or “cracking” sounds that many people typically associate with a traditional adult adjustment.

A woman may be a candidate for chiropractic care if she has:

  • Low back pain or sciatica
  • Fetal malpositioning such as Breech, Transverse, or Posterior
  • If you want a shorter labor time and fewer medical interventions
  • Mid back pain, rib pain, or difficulty taking a deep breath in
  • Pain going up and down stairs or pain with lifting your legs
  • Indigestion or constipation
  • Headaches or sinus issues
  • Neck pain, arm pain, numbness and tingling, or Carpal Tunnel symptoms
  • If you are planning a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
  • If you would like to optimize the likelihood of having a natural vaginal birth and would like your baby to be in the best possible fetal positioning for birth
  • Facts about chiropractic care during pregnancy:

  • -Studies have shown that women who receive prenatal chiropractic care have on average 5-9 hours shorter labor, less perceived pain, and fewer medical interventions during birth
  • The Webster's Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment for in-utero constraint. This technique uses gentle and specific adjustments and soft tissue work to reduce any interference to the nervous system and balance out the pelvic bones, muscles, and ligaments of a pregnant women to reduce any constraint to the uterus and to allow the baby to get into the best possible position for birth.
  • Prenatal chiropractic is safe and gentle for both mom and baby
  • The increase in weight from pregnancy in combination with the pregnancy hormone, Relaxin, creates postural alterations and spinal misalignments which affects the nerves, muscles, and the mobility of joints
  • Chiropractic care does not hurt, in fact most patients report relief after the very first visit.
  • Chiropractors certified to work with pregnant women use comfortable pregnancy pillows during care to allow the women to comfortably lie face down.
  • We will not X-ray a pregnant women. Your first visit will consist of a thorough history, consultation and examination to determine the need for care. The examination will focus on the lower back and pelvis, including the ligaments which suspend the uterus in your belly
  • Chiropractic adjustments gently correct specific spinal misalignments or subluxations.
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