Dr. Dana is a life saver! I was having back pain from pregnancy and within the first appointment she had me feeling much better. I waited a few weeks to seek chiropractic help and I shouldn't have. Not only is Dr. Dana super friendly but she is knowledgeable, helpful, and careful. I recommend anyone looking into seeing a chiropractor to go to Garden State Family Chiropractic!

Thanks to Dr Dana I was able to have a successful VBAC two weeks ago! I had a lot of lower back pain during my pregnancy and her adjustments helped alleviate my pain and put my pelvis in alignment.

I’m very thankful for Garden State Family Chiropractic they have helped me so much on my postpartum journey and healing my back pain. They have been gentle and caring with my son as well. He had torticollis. They have helped us with our breast feeding journey and showed us stretches to do to help!

I have been seeing Dr Dana and Dr Rebecca since my first pregnancy in 2019. I was an athlete in high school and frequented the chiropractor 2 times a week and had been searching for a group that would be able to help me out with my lower back / SI joint pain that was prevalent through my adult life and now was exacerbated by pregnancy. As soon as I had my first visit / evaluation they were able to pin point my various pain locations, adjust me and show me stretches and activity modifications I could complete during my pregnancy to relieve the pain. I also brought my newborn son here after a traumatic birth for some gentle adjustments. I am a pediatric OT and noticed he had preferences to turning one direction and had some difficulty latching on one breast (I had already had him checked for tongue and oral ties by two IBCLCs) and after a few adjustments plus me doing my own OT on him he had no issues latching without pain for me. Fast forward to my second pregnancy and the pain and discomfort I’m feeling is on opposite sides different locations etc. I would be feeling extra tired and in significant pain and an adjustment would completely change my pain level and mood. I highly recommend giving them a try if you’re having back / neck pain especially while pregnant and for your pediatric needs.

Dr. Metzger is so knowledgeable and helpful and really loves what she does. She made an enormous impact on our daughter's welfare. She was experiencing neurological delays and wasn't sitting up at almost 7 months. Dr. Metzger adjusted her and gave us a home exercise regimen that had her sitting up and making drastic improvements within about 10 days of diligent practice. Best decision we ever made!!! We highly recommend her practice to anyone!!

My 5 year old twin daughters love getting adjusted by Dr. Dana!! They always look forward to coming in, seeing Gunner & laying on the table train!!! She is very knowledgeable and makes them feel comfortable!!

Dr. Metzger has really been amazing. She’s helped me so much with the pain I’ve been experiencing in this pregnancy, and I couldn’t be more grateful. She’s so sweet, and makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Thanks to her I’m finally getting some relief and am even able to sleep better at night, especially after an adjustment! Thank you!

Both my daughters see Dr Dana. My youngest has been seeing her since birth and has been treated for various different problems from tongue ties to ear infections, sinus issues and teething. My elder daughter see Dr Dana for the same treatments but also for growing pains which have made such a difference to her sleep. She used to get up a few times a week and now only comes up once every few months which is then treated by Dr Dana usually the next day. I like that the kids don't have to take a lot of medications and are treated holistically. Dr Dana also treats my wife and has saved her from severe back pain on numerous occasions.

Always love seeing Dr Dana! She has helped so much with my back issues during my current pregnancy. She is so informative, very thorough, and you can tell she genuinely cares for her patients! The environment is warm & friendly, and receptionists are awesome and even entertained my 2 year old while I was getting an adjustment! It is very kid-friendly as there is a cute little toy area for kids to play. The thing I love the most is how at-home I feel. I could call and say “hey I’m in pain today can you squeeze me in??” and they always do what they can to accommodate me and my busy schedule. I always feel like they treat me like family! Excellent care and I can not say enough great things about this practice!!

After a lifetime of lower back and neck pain I am finally pain free! I began seeing Dr. Dana while I was pregnant, I even had an adjustment while in labor. Dr. Dana is very kind, thorough, and a perfect fit for caring for my growing family.

I started seeing Dr. Dana at about 4 weeks postpartum. I had a lot of tailbone and hip pain at the end of my pregnancy I was treated by another doctor at the time who assured me it would get better after delivery. When it didn't I was referred here. Within a week I felt a noticeable difference in my hips, my neck and my lower back. Dr. Dana knows what she is doing, she's informative, relatable, and truly cares about your whole wellbeing. She has great suggestions and has offered me a slew of exercises that help between appointments. Her office is conveniently located near the train station in quaint Haddonfield. It is easy to find parking and her office is clean, warm, and inviting. She has an area set up for children in the waiting area and my 3 year old daughter loves coming to appointments with me.

Wonderful care in a welcoming and accommodating environment!! I can’t recommend Dr. Dana and her team enough! I started seeing her for post-partum hip and back pain and soon my whole family (husband, 3 year old daughter, and 3 month old daughter) were seeing her. Dr. Dana is extremely knowledgeable and her staff are as dedicated as she is. It’s so nice as a Mom to be able to get care for myself and my family all in one place and not have to worry about the kids “bothering” anyone since the office is so kid friendly! With or without kids, I would highly recommend Dr. Dana for your Chiropratic needs!

Dr. Metzger is the best! My 13 year old daughter was complaining about her back hurting her (she gets knocked around while playing basketball). I scheduled an evaluation and after a few adjustments she played her highest scoring game ever. I highly recommend GSFC!

Excellent doctor who took the time to x-ray me, diagnose my issues and implement the right treatment. Dr Metzger is a good person whom I highly recommend

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